Samsung defends its benchmarking shenanigans under the pretext of “substantial performance”

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 4 Oct 2013


Over the last few days, a lot has been said about Samsung boosting the CPU and GPU frequencies on the Note 3 when running certain benchmarks. Now, the company has issued a statement to CNET UK defending its actions. 

The official response from the Samsung is that “The Galaxy Note 3 maximises its CPU/GPU frequencies when running features that demand substantial performance”. The company had responded on similar lines when it was caught rigging benchmarks on the Galaxy S4 as well.

“This was not an attempt to exaggerate particular benchmarking results. We remain committed to providing our customers with the best possible user experience.”

So, instead of accepting their fault, Samsung says that they boost the CPU/GPU clocks on their devices when running benchmarks because they demand “substantial performance.”

It looks like Samsung, and possibly OEMS, will continue with their shady tricks of scoring higher in benchmarks under the pretext of “substantial performance”.