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AndroidBeat launched on the eve of the Samsung Galaxy S4 unveiling and aims to become one of the leading sources for Android news and tips online. We are passionate about the platform, we spend hours trying out apps and games, rooting and installing mods, searching for ways to improve our experience and make our phones and tablets work for us.

Our goal is to share this passion and knowledge with you, by finding the best Android related content and news, as well as all the apps, tips and tricks that we discover while using our devices.

Rajesh Pandey, Resident Hacker

Rajesh is a 26-year old freelance writer from Kolkata, India. He loves to tinker around with his Android devices and flash custom ROMs on them.

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Contact: @ePandu

Evan Selleck, News Reporter

Evan’s a lover of all things technology, and he’s got a major soft spot for the mobile industry. Give him some time and he’d be more than happy to talk your ear off about all the new and shiny things.

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Contact: @EvanSelleck

Steve Litchfield, Device Reviewer

Steve Litchfield has been a freelance writer, blogger and videographer, specialising in PDAs, smartphones and mobile imaging for the last 20 years. For Android Beat, he handles mainly device reviews, in conjunction with his hands-on video assessments for The Phones Show. Steve is married, with one daughter, and lives in the UK. As far away from the rat race as possible!

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Contact: @stevelitchfield