‘Samsung Sport’ said to be Fuelband rival

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 19 Nov 2013

Sensors have become so cheap that they’re showing up in pretty much every piece of consumer electronics equipment currently on the market. What exactly can one do with an accelerometer? The obvious thing is to count steps, hence the popularity of bracelets such as the Nike Fuelband and Fitbit’s portfolio of wearable devices. According to a trademark filing discovered by SamMobile, it appears that Samsung wants in on this game, and they plan on releasing something called the “Samsung Sport”.

But wait a minute, doesn’t every high end Samsung phone ship with S-Health, which mitigates the whole point of releasing a dedicated wearable device? You’re right, but think about the scenarios where you want to go on a run, but you don’t want to strap your 5.7 inch Galaxy Note 3 on the side of your arm or carry it in some sort of bag. Better yet, with the Samsung Sport, the company can turn you into a walking Samsung advertisement, further increasing brand awareness.

Looking forward three to five years, the wearable computing market is going to explode as companies try to figure out what “the next big thing” is going to be. Whether it’s watches for the fashion conscious or sensor laden bracelets for the health freaks or full blown head mounted glasses from Google, something is going to happen. I wish I could predict what that something is going to be, but this space is moving far too fast and tastes are changing far too quickly for me to say something intelligent on the matter.