Samsung Pay Now Supports Membership and Rewards Cards

BY Evan Selleck

Published 18 May 2016

Samsung Pay reward cards

One of the benefits of switching to a digital means of paying for things, thanks to mobile payments like Samsung Pay, is the possibility of cutting down on cards in our wallets.

Well now Samsung is hoping to help with that a bit more, thanks to the company officially announcing that Samsung Pay now supports membership and rewards cards. Samsung says that the average American household carries up to 30 rewards cards, so if that’s your house, this should cut down on the clutter and make it even easier to access all of those cards in just a simple app.

Samsung Pay now offers support for membership cards, too, which means you can put your gym card in there, or your grocery store as well. Samsung also says that if you feel the desire, you can even add your personal identification card and insurance card.

Now that Samsung Pay supports rewards and membership cards, will you use the service if you weren’t already?

[via Samsung]