Samsung could launch its first foldable tablet in 2015

BY Valerie Richardson

Published 10 Jun 2014


Reports coming out of Korea claim that Samsung is prepping to launch its first foldable display tablet next year. It is said that the tablet will pack an 8 or 9 inch OLED display which will allow users to fold the tablet twice, thus converting it into a smartphone. There are no precise details as to when this tablet will be launched next year, but it might be a long shot considering the sort of technology the company is expected to use.

As you can see from the patent filing image below (courtesy of Patent Bolt), the display will fold to form a stack. This will also mean that the smartphone will be quite thick and bulky although its functionality cannot be questioned. But as we mentioned above, the likelihood of this coming to fruition that early is very bleak given the company’s manufacturing limitations.

But we wouldn’t put it past Samsung to surprise us with a futuristic device like this one, possibly by the same time next year. We expect the company to share details on the progress of its flexible display technology in Thursday’s “Galaxy Premiere” event which will unveil two new AMOLED tablets known as the Galaxy Tab S.

Samsung Foldable tablet

[Daum via Sam Mobile]