OnePlus Reveals an All-Black Concept One Prototype in Interview

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 23 Jan 2020

In an interview, OnePlus has revealed the upcoming concept phone. The OnePlus Concept One is a prototype and boasts of some interesting features that are very unique as well. The company has released two pictures of an all-black prototype and thus given us a sneak peek on what to expect.

OnePlus has already shared how the concept would look like. The new images showcase a new all-black OnePlus Concept One prototype. As of now, we have already seen how OnePlus Concept One’s disappearing camera works.

The disappearing camera might sound gimmicky, however, it seems like a neat trick to conceal ugly camera lens that protrudes from smartphones. Apparently the camera effect is created by using an electrochromic sheet of glass which will cover rear-facing cameras. The glass can switch between opaque to transparent with the help of an electrical signal. This also means that OnePlus doesn’t have to use mechanical covers or a motorized mechanism to hide the camera lens.

OnePlus has also teased new screen technology for Concept One. OnePlus is not exactly revealing what the new screen technology is all about. The company has shared an image that looks like several layers of glass panel stacked on each other. Perhaps, OnePlus is hinting at OnePlus is hinting at a new type of display with no bezels or notches or even a display with a 120Hz refresh rate.

The latest image is of a fully black OnePlus Concept One device with textured black leather back and glass strips that run in the center. Furthermore, OnePlus seems to have added a layer of what looks like carbon fiber under the glass. Lastly, the aluminum sides are finished in silver or dark gray color.

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[via OnePlus]