Odd News: Samsung Galaxy S II Plus gets Android 4.2.2 before flagship devices do

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 2 Aug 2013

Samsung’s two most popular devices from 2012 were clearly the Galaxy S III and the Note II. Today, both of them run Android 4.1, which unfortunately upsets a small but vocal minority that demand to be on the latest version of Android. Now for reasons I and the rest of the internet don’t understand, Samsung is currently pushing out Android 4.2.2 to a device that’s received little attention from the media: the Galaxy S II Plus.

Announced in January 2013 of this year, the Galaxy S II Plus is basically the flagship Galaxy S II from 2011, but with a chip inside from Broadcom instead of Samsung’s own Exynos processor. Here in Finland, you can buy the S II Plus for 250 EUR, which makes it a highly capable midrange phone.

But why is it getting Android 4.2.2 before last year’s big sellers?

Earlier this month, an Austrilian operator said that Samsung was going to push out Android 4.2 to the Galaxy Note II, but then the company changed their mind and decided to go straight to Android 4.3. Personally, I welcome the decision, but like I said above, there are a small number of people online who are screaming from the top of their lungs that this is a crime against humanity.

If you really care about having the latest version of Android, just flash a ROM.