Samsung is Teasing its Foldable Smartphone Again Ahead of November Debut

BY Evan Selleck

Published 22 Oct 2018

Samsung Foldable Smartphone

Samsung has a major developers conference scheduled to take place in November, where it will likely talk about whatever it has been working on in the software department for its Tizen operating system, along with efforts with Android.

Part of the event is going to be reserved to talk about foldable smartphones, though. The company’s CEO, DJ Koh, said as much back in September, when he said that the company would be showcasing its first foldable smartphone in November during the developers conference. And now, a little more than two weeks away from the event itself, Samsung is teasing the foldable smartphone again:

At this point in time it still remains unknown just what Samsung is going to actually show off. There is some speculation that it will be just software, which the company will be developing for the dual-display design. But there is also the possibility that we see hardware, too. However, if that is the case then it will more than likely be a prototype of what Samsung is developing. We could see the handset launch in 2019, though, which is exciting in its own right.

Are you looking forward to Samsung’s first foldable smartphone?

[via @SamsungMobile]