Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra’s Charging Speed Could Be a Downgrade From the Galaxy S22 Ultra

BY Ronil

Published 26 Sep 2022

Samsung Galaxy S22

Samsung Galaxy S23 series is still a few months away from launching, but that doesn’t stop leakers from revealing its specs. Notable tipster Ice universe found the 3C certification of the Samsung Galaxy S23 and shared it on Twitter. The device in this listing carries a model number SM-S9180, which according to the tipster, is the top-of-the-line Ultra model.

As evident from the post, the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra could support a charging speed that might disappoint you. Per the certification, the handset will only support a maximum of 25W (11.0VDC 2.25A) charging speed. To recall, this year’s Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra supports a 45W charging speed – though it barely made any difference from S22’s 25W charging speed. This means the upcoming Galaxy S23 Ultra could have a slower charging speed than its predecessor.

This news shouldn’t come as a surprise as Samsung has not refreshed its charging technology in the past four years on its flagship S-series handsets. Even the not-so-long-ago launched premium Samsung Galaxy Fold 4 is capped at 25W charging. It’s unclear why the Korean company would still want to limit the charging speed to 25W after shipping the Galaxy S22 Ultra and S22+, and even the 2019’s Galaxy Note 10+ with a 45W charging.

Samsung introduced 25W charging support on its Galaxy S10 series back in 2019. While it might have been impressive back then, the tech world is different now. There’re 65W, 80W, 120W, and 150W charging technologies out in the market, and brands are reportedly testing a whopping 240W fast charging speed. In comparison, Samsung’s 25W charging speed by 2022 standards seems outdated.

While the Samsung Galaxy S23 Ultra might not sport the best in the class charging speed, it could feature a 200MP rear camera.