Samsung Galaxy Buds2 and Buds Live Updated to Support 360 Audio

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 8 Apr 2022

galaxy buds pro design

Over the last few years, Samsung has bundled variants of its Galaxy Buds with flagship smartphone purchases, either for free or at a slight premium. It offered a wide variety of features with its Galaxy Buds Pro, Galaxy Buds2, and Galaxy Buds Live. Now Buds Live and Buds2 are being updated with a Galaxy Buds Pro feature called 360 Audio.

The Galaxy Buds2 was updated to the latest software build earlier this week. The update brought support for 360 Audio and improvements to call quality and Bluetooth connectivity. A similar 2.2MB update is now making its way to the Galaxy Buds Live.

For the uninitiated, 360 Audio was originally a Galaxy Buds Pro feature. It could be seen as Samsung’s attempt to replicate Spatial Audio on the Apple AirPods Pro because the Galaxy Buds Pro rivals the Apple product in terms of price and features. However, reviewers did not appreciate the 360 Audio element in most cases. It works when watching or streaming videos but not while listening to music on Spotify or YouTube Music.

The latest OTA update brings the Galaxy Buds models closer to feature parity. It is also a welcome addition for those who can’t afford the Galaxy Buds Pro but wants a taste of the premium features.

Do you find features like 360 Audio helpful, or would you prefer Samsung to include other valuable features instead? Tell us in the comments section below.

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