Latest Google Photos Update Makes Sharing Photos Faster and Easier; Introduces New Concepts for Movies

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 19 Sep 2016

Google Photos

I love Google Photos, but one of my biggest gripe with the service has been how when you try to share an album, it pops a list of applications. On the web, you get the option to share that link on Facebook, Twitter, or copy it so that you can manually forward it to the person you want.

With today’s update, Google is finally fixing this issue. The Share menu in Google Photos will now show you list of names of your friends and families with whom you’d like to share your photos with. Simply select the people with whom you want to share photos with, and Google will take care of the rest. If they are already on Google Photos, they will get a notification through it. If not, they will get an email and contacts with phone numbers will get a link to the photos and videos via SMS.

In addition to making sharing easier, Google is also upping the game with new creative concepts in Photos. Up until now, Photos only made movies from your recent trips or events. Going forward, it will be able to create movies that will be based on all the photos that you have ever uploaded of your kid or during the summer and more.

These new concepts will be rolled out to Google Photos users across the web, iOS, and Android from this week. Like with other movies that Google Photos automatically makes, movies based on these concepts will also be made automatically for you.

The new sharing feature is also being rolled out to Google Photos users across Android, iOS, and the web from this week.

[Via Google Blog]