Your Google Smart Home Devices Will Be Less Annoying Now

BY Ronil

Published 21 Apr 2023

Google Assistant on Smart Home Devices

Smart assistants are essential to any smart home, allowing you to give hands-free commands and operate several devices. When Google Assistant smart speakers first arrived, many felt it was cool to get verbal confirmation. However, this has been more of an annoyance over time, and it seems like the company is finally taking action. 

In its latest attempt to improve the functionality of its smart Assistant, Google is expanding chime alerts to reduce how chatty your Google Nest gadgets are while reacting to commands. According to a post on the Nest Community website, the search giant is sending out an upgrade for Assistant.

After this update, you will no longer receive a voice answer after requesting Google to turn off the lights. The Big G says instead of the voice Assistant responding to your command — it will now make a “pleasant chime to confirm” your request. 

For example, if you ask Google to turn on a fan, you will now hear a chime alert that confirms the Assistant has listened to your request. Previously, confirmation would come in the form of a voice response like “OK, turning on your fan.”

It is a simple tweak, but if you frequently use voice commands on your Google devices, it should make the process more efficient than ever. An overly chatty assistant often slowed multiple commands in a sequence. However, you should be able to switch between voice commands fast after enabling chime alerts.

Google says that this modification results from comments from the community and “feedback from our own internal trials.” For now, the chime alerts are only available when you try to control lights in the same room. However, the company indicates implementing this modification to outlets, switches, TVs, speakers, fans, and blinds “within the next few weeks.”

Via: Digital Trends