JPMorgan: Samsung will ship 320 million smartphones this year, 80 million being the S4

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 10 Apr 2013

I’ve been searching high and low for an analyst prediction on the success of Samsung’s Galaxy S4, and today, in the French paper Les Échos, I finally found one. JPMorgan says Samsung will likely ship 320 million smartphones in 2013, of which 80 million will be the high end Galaxy S4.

Is that goal reachable?

Last week I covered a DigiTimes report that said Samsung has an internal goal of hitting half a billion phone sales. If JPMorgan’s estimate of 320 million smartphone sales turns out to be true, that means 64% of the mobile phones Samsung will sell this year will be “smart”. Another analyst firm, Gartner, says 53.5% of the phones Samsung sold during 2012 were “smart”, so that 64% figure for 2013 does indeed sound right.

What I’m curious to see now is how many GS4 sales Samsung will achieve during the first 100 days of product availability. Samsung managed to push 20 million GS3 units out the door during that span of time in 2012. In an earlier article I posited that they could easily double that this year. I’m now feeling quite confident that it’ll happen.

When will Samsung report GS4 sales? They’ll do it whenever they feel like it since the company (sadly) stopped detailing smartphone shipment numbers over a year ago.

[Tip of the hat to @Thomas_Husson]