Google’s smartwatch to enter into mass production in coming months

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 29 Oct 2013


It looks like there might just be some truth about the Google smartwatch rumor floating around. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that Google’s upcoming smartwatch is in the late stages of development and the company is in talk with Asian suppliers to begin the mass production of the device. 

Google’s smartwatch will be running on a stripped down version of Android with Google Now on top of it. The smartwatch will display all the relevant Now cards depending on the user’s location and time of the day. The smartwatch will also be able to communicate and connect with smartphones and display relevant notifications.

With its smartwatch, Google aims to fix two of the most common complaint of smart watches and other similar wearable technologies – poor battery life and their limited usefulness. The Internet giant has been working hard on reducing the power consumption of its upcoming smartwatch so that it won’t require frequent charges. With Google Now cards being displayed on the watch’s screen, there really is no need to question the usefulness of the device.

The smartwatch is expected to enter into mass production within months.