You Will Be Able to Flip to Shh the Google Pixel Fold

BY Ronil

Published 26 Jan 2023

Google Pixel Fold

Although we have seen plenty of leaks revealing Google Pixel Fold’s design and hardware details, we do not know much about what its software experience would be like. We might have to patiently wait for leaks or official launch events to get a closer look at Google Pixel Fold’s software. However, a new APK teardown by folks over at 9to5Google reveals one Pixel feature from older devices will make its way to Google Pixel Fold. This feature is nonother than the “Flip to Shh” gesture found on the Pixel line of smartphones that activates the “Do Not Disturb” mode.

If you are unaware of it, Flip to Shh is an option that automatically turns on the Do Not Disturb mode when you put the device flat on its display on an even surface. It is a quick and arguably convenient way to mute notifications and calls.

The publication found this information in the internal code of the stable release of the Digital Wellbeing app (version 1.5) under the “pref_auto_dnd_enable_foldable_summary” string. A relevant line of code text states: “To turn on Do Not Disturb, make sure your phone is folded and place it face down on a flat surface. You’ll feel a subtle vibration when Do Not Disturb turns on.”

Flip to Shh on Google Pixel Fold

Google’s approach for its foldable implies simply placing the cover display face-down. This method appears to be a fairly obvious solution, as unfolding the smartphone and placing the folding screen face-down won’t be ideal and could result in screen damage.

Furthermore, 9to5 Google also stated that the Quick Tap option, which lets you assign an action or app to a quick double tap on the back of Pixel devices, could also make its way to Pixel Fold. In all probability, you might have to fold the device to use this gesture.