Google Shares Pixel 7 Pro’s 30X Super Res Zoom Samples

BY Ronil

Published 10 Oct 2022

Google Pixel 7 Pro

Google has shared a couple of sets of sample shots taken via Pixel 7 Pro Super Res Zoom mode. The 7 Pro is the latest high-end flagship model of this year’s Pixel lineup. At the October 6 launch event, Google’s executives spent ample time showcasing all the new features and improvements the new phones bring to the table.

One of the new things that the 7 Pro comes with is the Super Res Zoom ability. It combines software, hardware, and machine learning to let you zoom photos for a solid 30x, even if the telephoto zoom locks at 5x.

This ‘next-generation’ Super Res Zoom pushes 7 Pro’s 48MP telephoto shooter to snap DSLR-like photos. In the first example, The One World Trade Center in Manhattan starts at 0.5x and ends at 30x:

In the second set of photos, the Pixel 7 Pro manages to capture the Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco and Mendocino from far away:

From 15x and up, you can utilize the phone’s Zoom Stabilization, and you won’t require a tripod to take long-range pictures. Next, starting from 20x and above, the handset uses a new machine learning-powered upscaler that draws power from the all-new Tensor G2 chip.

However, this wasn’t an overnight success. Google says it has worked on the Super Res Zoom functionality since 2018 because users want superior smartphone zoom capabilities without carrying heavy and pricey DSLR camera gear.

You can check the full gallery of 30X Super Res Zoom sample shots here.

Google Pixel 7 Pro Camera Features, Price

It houses a triple rear camera setup: 50MP primary, 12MP ultrawide, and 48MP telephoto. There’s a 10.8MP selfie snapper on the front. Google’s advanced AI allows you to remove blur and noise from old photos on the latest Pixel series. The Pixel 7 Pro starts at $899, and the sale begins on October 13.