Chrome Dev and Canary Builds for Android Now Feature a Native Ad Blocker

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 1 Aug 2017

Earlier this year, it was revealed that Google plans on adding native ad blocking functionality to Google Chrome. The feature is expected to go live in 2018 and before its launch, Google has started testing it through its Chrome Canary and Dev builds on Android.

Unlike many other popular ad blocking services and extensions, Google will not be blocking all ads. Instead, it will only be blocking intrusive ones — the one that ruin the experience of browsing a page. Ads that will be blocked by default will be the ones as defined by the Coalition for Better Ads which includes auto-playing video ads with sounds, pop-ups, and “prestitial” ads that first show users a countdown before showing the actual content.

The ads primarily shown by Google are unlike the ones mentioned here so this move to introduce an ad-blocker in Chrome will primarily affect third-party advertisers the most. The catch here is that if Google finds one unacceptable ad on a website, it will block all ads from loading on that page. Thus, the onus will be on the site owner to ensure that there are no sub-par ads used on their site.

Since the feature is still in the Dev/Canary build of Chrome for Android, it goes without saying that it is unstable and will be buggy. However, with more than a few months still left for the feature to graduate to the stable version of Chrome, there’s plenty of time for Google to work on improving it.

If you are running the latest build of Chrome Dev or Canary build on your device, you can find the Ad blocker under Site Settings -> Ads.

[Via Caschy’s Blog]