Samsung unveils a website to highlight its “meaningful” design process

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 16 Apr 2014


Samsung wants the world to know that it actually puts some effort and thinking into designing its product portfolio. The company, today, unveiled a new website — Make It Meaningful — that explains its creative process before it finalizes on a design for a product. 

The website is not limited to just smartphones or Samsung’s Android powered devices but include the company’s complete portfolio from TVs to Washing machines, SSDs and more. The website also highlights the design of some of the products including the logo of its OLED TV and how the company laid emphasis on minute details while designing the Galaxy S4.

Make It Meaningful is also filled with marketing buzzwords, probably to sell people on the idea that Samsung invests a lot in its design process. The Galaxy S4 page, for example, says that “sophisticated lines flow over the phone’s form to create the product’s refined details” and “organic combination of rational form and emotional CMF”. All this for a phone that sports the slightly tweaked design of its predecessor.

The website even shows the design awards that some of the Samsung products have won over the year including their SSDs, Smart TVs and Printers.