Samsung to open a new R&D facility in Nokia’s backyard on June 13th

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 29 May 2013

Nokia used to own the mobile phone market, and their massive headcount clearly demonstrated that. But times have changed, and people have been let go. What are all these unemployed people supposed to do? Come June 13th, they’ll be able to join Samsung. The South Korean handset maker is set to open a research and development site in the city of Espoo, the same city where Nokia’s headquarters are located.

I’m lucky enough to have received an invite to the opening ceremony. Here’s the full text:

I am delighted to inform you that Samsung Electronics, a global leader in mobile communication, digital media and convergence technologies, will open a Research & Development facility with a focus on advanced technologies.

Samsung Electronics’ vision is to “Inspire the World, Create the Future.” We are dedicated to developing innovative technologies and efficient processes that create new markets and enrich people’s lives and communities around the world. Our globally distributed R&D activities are fundamental to this and we are proud of the inspirational impact we make within our business.

The opportunity has now arisen for Samsung to establish our first R&D facility in the Nordics. We take this opportunity with great honour and with a sense of great excitement. In anticipation of future partnership, friendship and collaboration please join us to celebrate the opening of our newest global R&D facility.

Sincerely yours,
Dr. Yong-Suk Moon
President, Samsung R&D Institute UK

What sort of “Advanced Technologies” is Dr. Moon (coolest name ever!) talking about? I’ll find out soon enough. Having worked at Nokia, I know most of the super hardcore engineers work in the Tampere and Oulu offices, not in the Helsinki/Espoo area. That could have changed though, it’s been three years since I’ve been there.