Samsung Gear VR Manager leaks, showcases app walkthrough and other features

BY Evan Selleck

Published 24 Jul 2014

Samsung Gear VR Manager

For Samsung, jumping into a new market is second nature, and that’s why no one was shocked when word initially broke regarding the company’s upcoming virtual reality effort. Starting with some sparse information and a registered trademark, before we ultimately saw a leaked press render of the device in question, the picture is starting to come together for Gear VR.

Now, based on an exclusive report from SamMobile, we get our first look at the application that will go along with the Gear VR. Actually, we get a look at the many, many applications that will come along with the peripheral device. First and foremost, the setup process for the Gear VR is pretty straightforward, offering only a few roadblocks, from a signup screen and the End User License Agreement, before getting into the meat and potatoes of the software.

image Gear VR

Most of which includes separate applications, as the report notes that the device you are using, your Samsung-branded smartphone of course, will have to download a few apps to make the Gear VR worthwhile. That includes the VR Panorama, VR Cinema and what’s called the HMT Manager — which is actually just an early version of the Gear VR Manager. All of this is done through the setup wizard after you initially launch the app, and once you’re done the software will ask you to mount your Gear VR and start having fun. This last little bit lends credence to earlier reports that users will have to mount their Galaxy-branded smartphone into the Gear VR headset itself, and connect the pieces of equipment with a USB 3.0 cable.

image Gear VR2

In the process of checking out the Gear VR Manager, SamMobile found a way to set a security lock for the device, and something called Warning Alert, which will apparently sound an alarm every hour, “reminding the user that he is in the virtual world.”

image Gear VR3

All in all, it looks like the usual Samsung deal: A new device, with plenty of software to go along with it. Unfortunately, there’s still no word on when this device will launch, but it is believed it could be announced as early as IFA 2014, so right around the corner in early September. You can check out the full report through the source link below.

Do you think you’ll be buying this when it launches?

[Via SamMobile]