Latest Samsung Patent Reveals Galaxy Buds Designed for Underwater Use

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 13 Sep 2021

Samsung’s latest patent reveals a unique earbuds design aimed at prolonged usage. The Korean tech giant is working on ways in which one could use wireless earbuds inside water. Samsung’s patent reveals a bunch of new features and functionalities for the Galaxy Buds.

The Samsung patent reveals a removable waterproof Galaxy Buds neckband. Furthermore, the rating of these upcoming earbuds will be above the IPX7. In other words, the new earbuds will be offering the best water and dust resistance. For the sake of contrast, both Galaxy Buds Pro and Galaxy Buds 2 come with IPX7 rating. The earbuds can withstand underwater pressure for a maximum of 1 meter and for 30 minutes.

The current gen Galaxy Buds are water resistant. However, Samsung says they are not designed for underwater use and doesnt encourage you to wear the Galaxy Buds while swimming. Samsung’s patent works on this shortcoming while developing the new buds. The detachable neckband will hold Galaxy Buds in place and will ensure that you dont lose them. Furthermore, the new TWS Galaxy Buds will tout multiple in-built microphones, touch sensors, and a two-way speaker system.

Samsung details that some of the sensors will be used for gathering health data. It includes various parameters like burnt calories, speed, and momentum. The patent is very detailed in nature. However, we are not sure whether the new Galaxy Buds will hit production. Also not clear is the timeline of the launch. Overall, the patent looks very promising and the under water Galaxy Buds could end up as run away hits.

Alternatively, Samsung could use the technology to enhance IP rating on the current Galaxy Buds lineup. We wonder whether Apple’s upcoming AirPods will offer a IP rating.

[via LetsGoDigital]