Rumor: Samsung to unveil a Google Glass clone called Galaxy Glass in September at IFA

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 28 Jan 2014

Google wasn’t the first company to show off a device with a screen that hangs in front of your eye, and they’re not going to be the last. According to The Korea Times, Samsung will show off “Galaxy Glass” at IFA in Berlin this year. The annual trade show takes place during the firs week of September, and it’s traditionally been the venue where Samsung unveils their Galaxy Note. What’s Samsung’s Glass going to do differently than Google’s Glass? The report says Galaxy Glass will be more like the Galaxy Gear smart watch than Google’s vision for a heads-up display.

Why exactly is Samsung copying Google? Well why not? This whole wearable device category is brand spanking new, which means no one really knows what’s going to be popular and what’s going to fail. If you get in early, you might build a reputation as being innovative, and if you don’t, well hey, at least you’ll have learned something for when it comes time to make a second generation product.

Will Google have a new generation of Glass out by the end of the year? Probably, though no one really knows what it’s going to look like and how much it’s going to cost. More importantly, no one really knows how the market will react to devices that you wear on your head. The Glass Explorer program is one thing, being able to buy Glass from your local electronics store is another thing altogether.