Latest Android 13 Beta Hints At Possible Pixel Tablet With a Dock

BY Ronil

Published 9 Sep 2022

Pixel Table

The latest Android 13 Beta QPR1 gives us the best look at the Pixel tablet, thanks to the new animation. Folks at 9to5Google have unearthed two clips that reveal a Pixel tablet getting pulled into a dock, and another shows the tablet lifting forwards and then placed back onto the dock. If the leak pans out to be accurate, this will be the first Google Tablet after the 2015 Google Pixel C.

Google announced its plans to launch a tablet in 2023 at Google I/O and re-enter the tablet space. A few months later, 9to5Google hinted at a slate that doubles as a hybrid detachable Nest hub. While we still don’t have bulletproof proof that these two devices are one, the new dock animation of the Pixel tablet hints that it could be the long-rumored dockable slate that doubles as a smart hub.

First Look at The Pixel Tablet With a Dock

In the first animation, we witness a tablet sliding onto a dock, and a charging logo appears. Further, symbols of Google Assistant, music, alarm, video, and pictures, among other uses of the Nest Hub, start to appear. The animation also confirms that the tablet houses a power button and volume rocker at the top-right corner.

The second animation shows a tablet with a USB Type-C port lifted and then placed back onto the dock. The tablet’s screen shows a clock on the left and notifications on the right. Next, we see the lock screen logo changing to a charging animation. However, the tablet gets attached via the pogo pins on the back instead of connecting via USB-C.

Separately, Esper’s Mishaal Rahman discovered the setup page in the release for docking the tablet. The page reveals that users will be able to summon the Google Assistant even when the screen is locked. Further, users can choose from personal photos, clockfaces, curated artwork, and more to be displayed on the screen while the tablet is docked.

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