Pixel 7 Pro Camera Update Brings New Macro Focus Settings

BY Ronil

Published 9 Dec 2022

Pixel 7 Pro

Google is rolling out an OTA update for its camera app on the Pixel 7 Pro. This update brings some new settings to the macro mode and improves the photography experience on the smartphone. You can now quickly switch lenses and capture macro shots when you want to.

Folks at 9to5Google report that this new Macro Focus setting on the Pixel 7 Pro is rolling out with version 8.7.250 of the Google Camera app. After this update, you can access it by swiping down the drop-down menu on the viewfinder. The Macro Focus setting now features two new options: On and Off. Tapping the “On” button will instantly switch lenses and enable Macro Focus, while the “Off” button will disable it, and the camera won’t switch to macro mode even after getting close to a subject.

Pixel 7 Pro New Macro Focus

There’s also a third option – “Auto” – to automatically switch to macro mode once you’re close to the subject. This feature was previously available on the Pixel 7 Pro since its launch with the Google Camera app’s version 8.7.165. However, the auto mode was slower and unreliable for taking shots at close range.

Google has finally addressed this headache with the latest Google Camera update by adding a new dedicated Maco Focus mode to improve your photography experience when you take a close-up shot.

Besides the addition of the Maco Focus setting, Google Camera 8.7.250 disables the Double-tap gesture that allows you to zoom or switch between the rear-facing and front-facing cameras. This feature was previously removed from the last-gen Pixel phone, and now, the Pixel 7 Pro receives the same treatment.

The big G is gradually rolling out this to Pixel 7 Pro users via Play Store. If you are still waiting to see this update, it should reach you in the coming days.