Google Pixel 6 Confirmed to Come with UWB Support on Android 13

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 26 Aug 2021

Google Pixel 6 specifications and features keep trickling in as we near the launch date. Earlier this month, Google previewed the Pixel 6 and Pixel 6 Pro. Google also debuted its custom Tensor chip with the Pixel 6 series. We learned about the new camera module and a host of other AI-based software features during the preview. Now a new AOSP has confirmed that the Pixel 6 is likely to include ultra-wideband support.

The Ultra-wideband support is a pretty big deal especially considering the host of accessories it would support. For instance, UWB could help car manufacturers add a digital key, and this feature enhances support for item trackers. Samsung and Apple already offer ultra-wideband, and it is already being used on Galaxy SmartTag.

The AOSP log confirms UWB support for Pixel 6. Furthermore, the comment asks for the Pixel-specific UWB hardware abstraction layer to be renamed. The suggestion will help “avoid conflicts with the AOSP HAL policy rules that are going to be added in Android T.” It is very likely that other Android phones will follow suit and start offering UWB once Google does it.

Google’s internal documents show that Android T will be getting a basic version of UWB. For those of you not familiar, Android T is Google’s codename for Android 13. The new feature will offer a framework or an interface that will help manufacturers add UWB support to their Android devices. UWB implementation on Android phones could open the doors for many possibilities. As mentioned earlier, your smartphone will replace car key FOB. That’s not all; you will be able to control car features within Android phones with the help of UWB.

[via 9to5Google]