NYT: The Nokia Android phone was real

BY Kelly Hodgkins

Published 13 Sep 2013



According to the New York Times, the Nokia Android phone was a reality and could have launched sometime next year. This possibility was put to a quick end when Microsoft bought the Finnish handset manufacturer.

A team within Nokia supposedly had Android up and running on the Lumia hardware long before Microsoft gobbled up the company. It was not very difficult task, said people who were familiar with the project. Microsoft allegedly knew about the endeavor, but its existence did not play a part in the acquisition.

The existence of a Nokia Android phone was long-rumored, but details on the handset never came to light until now. It’s not surprising that such a phone existed. Nokia was struggling with Windows Phone, so it would make sense they were exploring other options to keep the company afloat. In another non-shocking revelation, Nokia PR declined to comment on this report.

[Via The New York Times]