Google’s Android Security Report Says Company Scans 6 Billion Apps, 400 Million Devices Every Day

BY Evan Selleck

Published 19 Apr 2016

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Security is a big deal, especially for the mobile devices many people carry around with them every single day, and Google’s annual security report shows the company is taking it seriously.

In an ongoing effort to protect Android users, Google kept tabs on 6 billion apps every day, all in an effort to protect against malware and other potential dangers to its user base. At the same time, Google says it scanned upwards of 400 million devices out there in the real world, every single day, to protect users against on device attacks, as well as potential network-related issues.

On top of that, Google made sure to make improvements and install better security gates at the Google Play Store, in an attempt to make it harder for malicious apps to make it into the digital storefront at all. With the changes that Google implemented over the last year, the company says it is 40 percent harder to install a potentially harmful app when compared to last year.

And on Android itself, Google has made changes there, too. That includes better app permissions, making it possible for users to have more control over what an app installed on their device has access to. Google is also rolling out monthly security updates.

You can check out Google’s full Android security report through the source link below.

[via Google Online Security Blog]