Google Spotted Testing ‘Bulk Restore’ Feature for Chrome Tabs for Android

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 30 Apr 2022

Google Office Unsplash

Chrome for desktop has evolved into a potent and effective browser over the years, leading the way for rivals in terms of features. However, the same cannot be said about Chrome for Android. Chrome developers have been spotted testing a new feature to restore tabs quickly on Chrome for Android to bring parity between the two builds.

Sometimes we close all the open tabs, either by accident or if a bug triggers it. On the desktop version, restoring the tabs is a cakewalk. One just needs to click on the hamburger menu, click on History, and just select the tab group you want to restore under the Recently Closed section. However, it is impossible to restore groups of recently closed tabs on the mobile version of the browser.

A recent report from Chrome Story points to new experimental flags in the Chromium source code, namely “Android Bulk Restore” and “Android Tab Restore.” These suggest Google has already started testing the feature on Chrome for Android. It could reportedly make its way to Chrome Canary, available on the Google Play Store.

According to the open-source code repository Chromium Gerrit, Android users will be able to restore tabs en-masse using the new feature. The option is available under Recent Tabs > Recently Closed. The handy feature’s inclusion means that you won’t need to dive into the Chrome history to open each tab you were using one by one.

That said, there is no information about when this feature could be rolled out to the masses who use the stable build of the Chrome browser on Android. You could download Chrome Canary alongside the regular version and test the feature out until then. Do bear in mind that Canary builds aren’t as stable.

Would you benefit from this feature? Have you accidentally closed all the tabs on your Android phone? Tell us in the comments section below.

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