Google Play Store for Android’s next big update teased in new images

BY Evan Selleck

Published 15 Oct 2015

Google Play store refresh

The Google Play Store has seen plenty of evolution over the years, and now it looks like another big update is coming down the pipe.

Googler Kirill Grouchnikov was looking towards the future on Google+ earlier today, in which he published several different images of what is probably one of the biggest aesthetic and functional changes to the Google Play Store for Android to date. There’s plenty to take in, including a new splash screen, and a two-section divider: Apps and Games and Entertainment, which can be accessed with just an easy tap, which also changes the image at the top of the display.

Google Play Store refresh2

In each section there will be plenty of different sub-sections within them, including “Categories,” “Top Charts,” “Family,” “Books,” “Movies & TV,” “Music,” and many others.

It’s looking like a great update for the Play Store, but unfortunately there’s no word on when it will arrive for users to use. Grouchnikov simply stated that it’s coming “soon.”

What do you think of the redesign?

[via +KirillGrouchnikov]