Google Play Music subscribers will get access to YouTube Music Key at no additional cost

BY Evan Selleck

Published 14 Nov 2014

image YouTube Music Key

Google recently announced YouTube Music Key, another music streaming service with ad-free videos thrown in for good measure, and now one of the biggest questions regarding the new service has been answered.

In an official email sent from Google to Play Music subscribers recently, the search giant confirmed that current Play Music subscribers will automatically gain access to YouTube Music Key’s features beginning the week of November 17, at no additional cost. What’s more, Google Play Music will also gain the ability to play ad-free music videos while listening to music as well, one of the highlight features for YouTube Music Key:

Starting next week, as a Google Play Music subscriber, you’ll get free and complete access to the YouTube Music Key beta, a new service from YouTube where you can watch ad-free music videos, and keep the music playing in the background or when you’re offline. The Google Play Music app will also include ad-free music videos alongside select tracks. Stay tuned for more information.

Access to YouTube Music Key is still being handled through email addresses at this point, so if signing up for Play Music All Access isn’t something a customer wants to do, simply heading to the Music Key launch page will grant a form to fill out to gain an invite.

Are you looking forward to YouTube Music Key?

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