Video: Here’s what the next version of Google Play is going to look like

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 21 Mar 2013

Google Play, the place where Google expects you to go to buy apps, music, books, everything, is going to get updated to version 4.0 pretty soon. Two websites, Droid-Life and Android Police, managed to get their hands on the new version of Google Play before everyone else. Droid-Life recorded a six minute video that I’ve embedded below that walks you through everything; Android Police on the other hand, they took a bunch of screenshots.

Here’s what you need to know: Icons are bigger, text is sharper, apps will now automatically update by default, and there’s a hideous new shade of green that you’re not going to be able to espace.

There will probably be many other new features, but you’re going to have to wait for Google to make an official announcement. Coincidentally, Google is going to host an event called “Google I/O” in less than a month.

Expect all this stuff will get detailed there.