Google Pixel Tablet Could Cost Around $600

BY Ronil

Published 21 Apr 2023

Google Pixel Tablet

The Google Pixel Tablet is frequently making headlines these days, thanks to new leaks and rumors. Day after we came across an early Amazon listing of the slate’s dock that revealed its price, a new leak sheds light on the pricing details of another piece of the package – the Pixel Tablet. 

Reliable leaker Roland Quandt claims that the Google Pixel Tablet could come in two storage options: 128GB and 256GB, priced at around 600 to 650 euros (Approx. $650 to $715). Moreover, the leaker also hinted at the slate’s Porcelain or Haze colorway option. 

If this leak is accurate, the Pixel Tablet would be relatively costlier than many Android tablets. However, it would make a cheaper alternative to the wildly expensive Galaxy S9 Tab. 

The Pixel Tablet will double as a smart home display when docked to its charging stand, which, according to rumors, will be part of the retail package. A recent leak revealed that Google might sell the dock separately, costing around $120. The dock itself isn’t cheap, and removing that from the equation makes the cost of the slate alone more than $500. 

However, the leaker believes the Pixel Tablet would be cheaper in the U.S. than in Europe. Depending on the storage, Roland hints at around a $499 to $549 price tag for the base model and $599 to $649 for the higher-end variant.  

From what we’ve learned about the device from previous leaks, you’ll get excellent hardware configuration and user experience from the Pixel Tablet than any of its competitors for the price it’s rumored to come at. 

These aren’t official pricing details of Google’s upcoming slate, but it gives us a rough idea of how much the device could cost. Expect more Google Pixel Tablet leaks to surface online in the coming days.