The Pixel Tablet’s Dock Price Leaks in Early Amazon Listing

BY Ronil

Published 20 Apr 2023


Pixel Tablet's Dock

The Pixel Tablet could launch at Google I/O 2023 event on May 10. Rumors about the slate have been surfing online for a while now, and we’ve learned much about the tablet. Even the Big G showcased the device and its charging dock in a blog post. Since then, we have seen many leaks and rumors about the device’s specifications, colors, availability, and more. And now, a new leak reveals the price of the Pixel Tablet’s dock. 

For those unaware, this dock dons two hats: a charger for the tablet and a speaker system. You can also use it to control your smart home gadgets. While Google is shipping a dock with the Pixel Tablet as a part of the package, what if you want another one? One for the living room and another one for the bedroom, perhaps. It seems like the company could offer an option to buy the dock separately. 

An early Amazon listing of the Pixel Tablet’s dock, spotted by 9to5Google, reveals the company could sell the accessory for $129. The listing is now unavailable, but the leak gave us a rough idea of what could be the starting point of the tablet and dock combo. 

Pixel Tablet's Dock

The dock is in Hazel color in the early Amazon listing, presumably referencing the greenish Pixel Tablet colorway we’ve already seen. It also has a May 10 pre-order date, implying that Big G would begin pre-orders for the tablet during Google I/O. However, there is no word about its ship date, so we don’t know when buyers will receive it. Rumors suggest the company could release the tablet sometime in June. 

Previous leaks suggest the slate will pack Tensor G2 SoC and ship with 8GB RAM and two storage options. It will run on Android 13 out of the box.