Google Nexus site gets redesigned, hints that there may be more than one Nexus this year

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 5 Sep 2013

When you want to buy a Google Nexus phone or tablet, you go to Google’s Nexus website. Said site has gone through an extensive redesign, according to Pocket-now, and of the biggest changes is a reference to several Nexus “phones”. The team from Pocket-now thinks this could mean that there will be two Nexus smartphones coming out this year, and I’ve been hearing from several people that this might indeed be true.

Stepping back for a second, who will make the new Nexus this year? According to a video Google published and then quickly took down, it’ll be LG. It’s likely that this Nexus phone will have a big display, like a really big display, at least 5.0 inches on the diagonal. That doesn’t jive well with a lot of people, so there will also likely be a smaller Nexus.

Who will make this smaller Nexus? It could very well be Motorola. That “DVX” that’s been leaking left and right, which has been rumored to be a low cost version of the Moto X, why couldn’t that be the “small” Nexus? Think about it.

When will we find out about these new Nexus phones? I say October 31st, but that’s just a guess.