Google Maps Now Shows Street View for Turns in Navigation

BY Evan Selleck

Published 12 May 2017

Google Maps is making a few changes that might make it easier to navigate in an unknown place.

Google Maps has always done what it can to make driving easier, especially in unknown areas, with its directions being easy to follow, and, well, accurate for the most part. But the latest update to the app, as discovered by Android Police, might make it even easier.

The newest version of the app now includes Street View for all the important turns on your route. So if you aren’t familiar with where you are, or you’re just bad with street names in general, Street View will show you exactly what the turn looks like. What’s more, the image is from the right orientation of your trip, so you won’t be looking at the opposite side of the street when you get to the turn. (Alprazolam)

The app also includes a change to the bottom navigation options, adding more info so that it’s obvious what selecting an option will do.

The new version of Google Maps should be available now for Android users.

[via Android Police]