Google Allo Update Makes it Easier to Call on Assistant

BY Evan Selleck

Published 2 Mar 2017

Google isn’t a stranger to messaging apps, and Allo is one of its newest, launched last year.

While Allo might not be the most widely adopted at this point, considering it lacks built-in SMS support (among other things), it does have one of Google’s best features built into it: Assistant. And for anyone that has used Allo, and tried to get Assistant to jump into a conversation, typing out “@google” every time might not have been the best implementation.

Thankfully, Google is changing things up. The company is issuing a new update for Android users, which is rolling out beginning today, that adds a dedicated Allo button while you’re in a conversation. It’s right next to the emoji icon, and tapping it will immediately pull up access to Assistant, making it possible to get contextually-relevant information, like the weather or movie times, based on the conversation.

it’s a bit faster than the previous method, so it should be a welcomed addition to those who use Assistant on a regular basis in Allo.

Google is also making it easier to search for GIFs. Tap on the aforementioned emoji selection icon, swipe all the way to the right, and then you’ll be given a quick method to search for that perfect GIF. Finally, the latest Allo update also makes it possible to make emoji much bigger, and animated.

The update begins rolling out today for Android users. iOS users have to wait a bit longer.

[via Google Blog]