Data suggests six out of ten Android phones currently in use are made by Samsung

BY Stefan Constantinescu

Published 21 Aug 2013


Trying the measure the size of the Android ecosystem is incredibly challenging. For example, the tens of millions of phones sold in China every year that run a fork of Android, but don’t ship with any of Google’s services installed, is that considered Android? Luckily, companies like Flurry exist. Developers use their service to track how their app is performing. They say their system has tracked over 575 million devices.

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Using 45,340 random devices as a sample, Flurry has published several key findings on the state of Android. First, 59& of the devices they tracked were made by Samsung. Let that sink in for a little. HTC, Lenovo, ZTE, Huawei, Sony, LG, they’re all fighting over a 41% chunk of market share. Second, 88% of those Android were phones, with the other 12% being tablets. That compares to 72% and 28% respectively for iOS.

Concentrating on Samsung alone, 91% of the devices that were tracked were phones, versus 9% for tablets. Here’s where something doesn’t taste right in my mouth. What are the definitions that Flurry uses for tablets? How about phones? What would a Samsung Galaxy Note II be classified as? What about the Mega 6.3?

Semantics aside, I’m not at all shocked to hear that iOS tablets are more successful than Android tablets. Let’s be honest, if you have a $200 budget, you’re going to go Android. If you have a $400 or $500 budget, you’re going to go Apple. It’s really as simple as that.

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