Car Crash Detection May Not Be a Pixel-Exclusive Feature in the Future

BY Chandraveer Mathur

Published 30 Jun 2022

Google Pixel Unsplash

Google regularly includes cutting-edge features in Android, but due to hardware and other limitations, some features are exclusive to the company’s Pixel devices. One such feature is the Car crash detection system which automatically prompts your phone to seek assistance if it detects you’ve been involved in an accident. Recently spotted code in the Google Personal Safety app suggests the feature may shed its Pixel exclusivity soon.

In case you didn’t know the Car crash detection feature was introduced with the Pixel 4. The feature made use of the unique sensor array on the device. Using ultra-low power sensors, the feature automatically detects high-speed movement and determines if you were involved in a crash. If you were, your Pixel automatically asks if you require assistance and sounds an alarm. If you fail to respond to the device’s prompts, the Pixel auto-dials emergency services with your details and location.

The feature has remained a Pixel exclusive since its launch in March 2020 because Google optimized the algorithm to conserve battery and use data from sensors baked into the Pixel devices.

Recently, code for the Google Personal Safety app contained strings that suggest the crash detection system could ditch its Pixel exclusivity. Google crisis alerts, which notify you about incoming cyclones, thunderstorms, earthquakes, and other natural calamities, will also be making their way to non-Pixel devices.

Esper blog technical editor Mishaal Rahman believes the crash detection feature will be a part of the Personal Safety app update bearing version number 2022.05.25. However, the only hint is the line of code. The search engine giant has not confirmed that the Crash detection feature will soon be available to all Android devices.