10 struggles ione users will never underst

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 27 May 2016

There are some things your ione-using friends will never underst. For example: How awesome widgets are, or how nice it is to be able to see how many hours from now your alarm is set for. But the Android life isn’t all fun games—we have our share of problems!

Here are 10 Android-specific struggles that ione users will never truly underst.

Spending hours customizing your OS

On an ione, you can rearrange your apps (in a pre-determined snap-to grid) that’s about it. On an Android phone, you can make your own widgets, customize your lock screen, even change the way your texts look. But those hours you spend making your phone awesome are hours you’re never going to get back.

Owning a phone that’s 2+ years old

“Your phone is from 2013?! But Apple’s had like…four phones come out since then!”

How easily microB ports break

Your Android phone may be in it for the long haul, but its microB port is not. So every night you do the “make sure the microB cord is placed juuuuust riiiiight” dance.

Trying to fill all that extra storage space

uld you rather pay $850 for 128GB of storage in an ione 6s, or $650 for a Samsung Galaxy S7 with 32GB of storage a microSD card slot that supports up to 200GB of extra storage? Um, no-brainer. Can you even believe that Apple is still selling br-new $750 phones with only 16GB of storage?

How will you spend all this free ay credit?

’s always asking for your opinion rewarding you with ay credit. But thanks to all the free, ad-supported apps in the ay store, you have no idea what to do with the $25 of credit sitting in your account. And it’s going to expire soon!

You can’t even ‘accidentally’ drop it in the toilet

’ve all tried the ol’ whoops-I-dropped-my-phone-in-the-toilet-guess-I-need-a-new-one trick when we’re looking for an excuse to upgrade. But now quite a few Android phones are waterproof, including Samsung’s flagships. Thanks a lot.

Hitting the back button too many times

The Android back button is super convenient—unlike iOS 9’s pseudo back button—I could hit it all day long. Oh, but I didn’t want to go that far back!

iting for the new OS

This is one thing Apple has right: They announce an OS update, then it comes to everybody’s phones. Android, on the other h…

Too many app stores, not enough time

at’s that? You’ve exhausted the options in ay ( finally spent all your ay credit)? No problem… there are a ton of other app stores out there, including Amazon’s Appstore (which frequently gives away freebies).

No excuses for being late

“Sorry, I tried to use my phone’s turn-by-turn directions, you know how well that goes.”

“But don’t you have an Android phone? And Maps’ turn-by-turn directions are on point!”