How you feel when releases a new version of Android

BY GreenBot Staff

Published 5 Dec 2014

Is there anything more exciting, frustrating, ultimately (albeit briefly) rewarding than waiting for an Android update? really knows how to take you for an emotional ride: Teasing you with announcements about new features, dropping hints about names better performance, confusing you with first looks developer previews, finally…releasing update that hits all 2,782 Android devices except the one you have.

unveils a new version of Android

waiting rainbow vomit

At I/O, of course, which you may or may not be live-streaming on your desktop at work. (You are.)


waiting finally

Maybe those battery-life improvements mean you can hang on to your phone for another six months!

at’s its called?

waiting havecy

Codename “Android ..” ffy Taffy? fesavers? llipop? , you are so predictable.

Stop the presses, here’s a first look!

waiting notimpressed

This design overhaul looks…funky.

The developer preview is out…

waiting disappoint

…but not for your device. You could try side-loading it, but your phone can barely run a fully-tested version of Android. Don’t risk it!

announces the official name

waiting obviously

llipop. Duh.

… the launch devices

waiting helpmeimpoor

uld be useful if you were going to buy a new phone. But you’re not.

… a vague update schedule

waiting crusheddreams

No Nexus? No prob—oh wait, I guess that is a problem.

releases the source code

waiting something

Cool, only another 8 months before it comes to your device!

Eight months pass…

waiting shiny

… everything is amazing!

it…did just announce another version of Android?

waiting happythensad