YouTube for Android gets an update; Don’t update if it ain’t broken!

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 4 Jun 2013


The official YouTube app for Android from Google has just got a quick update to version 4.5.17. The update basically fixes some bugs and improves stability, along with showing video suggestion overlays during video playback.

The official change-log of the update is as follows -:

* Open the guide from anywhere in the app for quick access to your subscriptions and feeds
* Video suggestion overlays during playback
* Bug fixes and stability improvements

However, the update has been getting a barrage of 1-star ratings on the Play Store. For a lot of people, the YouTube app completely stops working after installing the update. Even on my Nexus 4 after installing the update, the app gave a vague “An error has occurred” error message. I had to manually clear the app data, and then restart my phone to get the app to work again.

Strangely, some people are reporting that the updated app works just fine for them and fixes the ‘What to watch’ option that has been, apparently, broken for quite sometime now.

So, if you are wondering whether to update or not, follow the if it ain’t broken, don’t fix it rule. If the ‘What to watch’ option is broken for you, go ahead and try the update. If the update completely breaks the app, you can always uninstall the app update from the application manager.