Report: EU to Heavily Fine Google for Forcing OEMs to Exclusively Bundle Google Search on Android Devices

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 2 Oct 2016


As per an EU document obtained by Reuters, the EU antitrust regulators plan on ordering Google to stop offering any financial compensation to smartphone makers to keep Google Search pre-installed exclusively on their devices. The document also suggests Google could be fined heavily by the antitrust body for its monopolistic policies.

The 150-page document was sent by the EU to all complainants asking for their feedback. Google was also sent a copy in April this year.

The document states that Google “cannot punish or threaten” companies for not preloading Google Search exclusively on their devices. The complaint against Google was first filed in March 2013 by FairSearch, a lobbyist group that wants to ensure Google does not use its dominant position for its advantage.

Google is also likely to be slapped with heavy penalties for its behavior that would be enough to deter it from taking any such action in the future again. The fine amount can be determined by the revenue generated from European ad clicks, in-app ad displays, Play Store app purchases, and Google Search product queries. The final version of the document can change depending on the feedback from the complainants. Even then, Google could be looking at a heavy penalties in the EU.

[Via Reuters]