Plex and aVia team working with Google to bring casting of local content to Chromecast

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 29 Aug 2013


A few days ago, Google surprised everyone by patching the security hole that allowed developers to play back locally stored content via the Chromecast. The move from Google led many to suggest that the Internet giant has finally started showing off its evil side, and wants to please the media companies and won’t allow developers to hack into Chromecast. 

Well, that piece of rumor was soon shot down soon by Google saying that it will allow users to play back local content via Chromecast sometime down the line. Today, thanks to Derek Ross, we have some more information about the ability to playback local content via Chromecast.



According to Derek, team members of Plex and aVia are closely working with the Chromecast team at Google’s own headquarter to bring the ability to cast local content. While Plex will be able to cast content from a Plex Media server, the aVia app would be able to do so from any DLNA server.

Since the release of Chromecast, we’ve been wondering if popular local network streaming Android apps such as Plex and aVia would eventually get official Chromecast support. I can now tell you that the answer is yes.

I’ve learned that team members from both Plex and aVia are at Google right now, working with the Chromecast team. The Plex app will get casting ability from a Plex Media Server and the aVia app will be able to cast content from a  DLNA server.

Don’t get your hopes up for a release in the very near future. It looks like we’re still a while away from a public release and we’ll have to wait until later this fall.

While fall is a bit too far for my liking, it is nice to see Google working closely with developers to bring quality apps that take full advantage of Chromecast.