Pixel Watch Gets Unboxed Before Launch

BY Ronil

Published 4 Oct 2022

Google Pixel Watch

Google will make the Pixel Watch official on October 6. Days before the launch, someone got their hands on the retail unit, unboxed it, and shared pictures on Reddit. The post shows the packaging, the device itself, and everything you’d see when you get your hands on it.

Although the user didn’t turn it on, they shared that the Pixel Watch is running on Wear OS 3.5 with ‘Wear OS by Google’ and ‘Hey Google’ listed on the side of the box. Under certain light conditions, the side view gives us an early glimpse at the smartwatch’s notorious bezel.

It’s the Charcoal color LTE variant, resting on a pill-shaped piece of cardboard. The Pixel Watch has a polished silver stainless steel case and charcoal active band. It’s manufactured in Vietnam.

Inside the box, there’s a USB-C magnetic charging cable, a small band that fits the wrist 130 – 175mm, and a large band that fits the wrist 165 – 210mm. The large band will come pre-attached to the watch.

Google Pixel Watch vs 41mm Apple Watch

The user compared the gear with a 41mm Apple Watch on their wrist and posted a picture of it. Though it’s not an apples-to-apples comparison, the Pixel Watch and the 41mm Apple Watch seems about the same size in the image.

The box also disclosed that you’d need an Android 8.0 or newer phone to use the device. It’s not compatible with the Android GO edition. And that’s all that you’d learn from this new Pixel Watch leak.

Thanks to previous leaks, we already know almost everything about the Pixel Watch. A recent leak spilled the Pixel Watch could cost $349.99 for the Wi-FI variant. You’ll still have to wait till Thursday’s launch event at 10 AM ET to see that Fitbit features in action, though.