Google’s Latest October Android Update Could Be the Last One for Pixel 4 Series

BY Ronil

Published 4 Oct 2022

Google Pixel 4 series

It’s the first week of October, meaning it’s time Google releases its monthly Android update on supported Pixel phones. Unless it’s a holiday in the US, Google rolls out the patch on the first Monday of the month.

While the company is busy drumming anticipation and excitement for its upcoming Pixel 7 phones, Google isn’t leaving out older ones. This month’s Android update is heading toward the Pixel 4 series and later models.

According to Google’s update schedule, the Pixel 4 series will get its last guaranteed update and security patch in October 2022. So, if you own a Pixel 4 or Pixel 4 XL, it’s time for you to upgrade your phone for the last time.

However, this shouldn’t be the end of the line for Pixel 4 series security updates—Google might send out a final patch to these phones in the coming weeks. As you may already know, the company did something similar with the past Pixel phones.

Google has announced the October 2022 Pixel update, revealing the details of this month’s bug fixes and improvements. The new software version for the handsets is TP1A.221005.002.

Pixel 4 Series October 2022 Patch Details

This update brings a couple of audio-related fixes: 

  1. It patches an issue that caused noise artifacts during calls on wired headsets. 
  2. It fixes an issue that prevents volume controls in media player notifications from working.

Next, it repairs the Wi-Fi networks not visible in the network section menu issue. And the problem causing the launcher to crash when connecting to VPN has also been fixed.

There’s also a slew of user interface fixes:

  1. App widgets compatibility issues in Android 13.
  2. Media player displaying default icon for media apps.
  3. Device crashing on playing audio from local storage.
  4. Empty tiles of Quick Setting in the notification shade.
  5. The Work Profile toggle button appears shorter in the app drawer.