OnePlus launches an extended warranty program for the OnePlus 2 in Europe and India

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 2 Nov 2015

OnePlus On-Guard warranty

OnePlus today announced a new warranty program called On-Guard. The company has tied up with “multiple insurance leaders worldwide” to offer its new extended warranty program. 

For now, OnePlus will be offering On-Guard only in Europe and India in association with simplesurance and B2X, respectively. With this new extended warranty program, OnePlus will be covering their 2016 flagship killer, the OnePlus 2, against accidental drops, water spills, vandalism, and more.

The new warranty program is only applicable if purchased at the time of purchasing the OnePlus 2 or within 15 days of buying it. This means that existing OnePlus 2 owners are not eligible to buy the extended warranty program for their handset. (

In India, OnePlus is offering two different warranty programs: B2X Service and B2X Protect. The former costs Rs. 999, and will extend the manufacturer’s warranty by another year (for a total of two years). On the other hand, B2X Protect — which costs Rs. 1,299 — is similar to On-Guard and will cover your OnePlus 2 against accidental drops, water spills, and other damage that occur within the first year of its purchase.

OnePlus promises in its blog post that it is working with an “esteemed brand” in the United States and Canada to bring On-Guard for potential OnePlus 2 customers in the region. The young company is also working on bring its extended warranty program to more regions across the world, and extend support to its recently unveiled OnePlus X.

Indian OnePlus 2 customers can find more details about B2X Service and Protect here, while EU customers can find more information about On-Guard here.