Next-Generation Google Assistant up to 10x Faster, Coming with New Pixels Later This Year

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 7 May 2019

Google is making voice-assisted tasks notably faster with the next-generation Google Assistant. The company is achieving this by shrinking the AI voice model down from 100s of GBs to around 500MB thereby allowing the data to be stored locally on a device instead of the cloud.

Google says Assistant will be able to process voice commands up to 10x faster compared to the current iteration.

If the live demo given by Google at I/O 19 was anything to go by, there will be almost zero latency and voice commands would be instantly recognized and executed. Plus, with Continued conversation, users would be able to tell commands back-to-back without having to say “Hey Google” every single time. The voice command will be executed depending on the content being displayed on the screen.

The bummer here is that the next-generation Google Assistant will debut with new Pixel phones coming later this year.

Google Assistant is coming to Waze in just a few weeks. It is also gaining a new driving mode which will open a new Driving dashboard and make frequent actions easier to access. Driving mode will be available on all Android devices this summer.

Lastly, you will no longer need to say “Ok Google, Stop” to stop alarms and timers from ringing. Simply saying “Stop” is going to be enough. This feature is rolling out today for Google Home and Smart Displays from today.