Google Assistant Now Lets You Assign Reminders to Friends and Family

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 15 Aug 2019

Google Assistant gets a new feature that will let you assign reminders for family. The feature lets you send reminders to the Family Group. Once sent, the recipient will be notified on the mobile phone.

This is how it works, all you need to do is create a voice reminder by using Google Assistant and set up a time for it to show up. You can also set the reminder to be activated when the receiver is in a certain location. In other words, parents can send reminders to their kids or your wife can set a reminder to pick up clothes when you are near the laundry.

Furthermore, Google Assistant also allows you to set reminders that repeat and you can always check the reminders sent to others or the ones sent to you. Needless to say, you can use all the features by using “Hey Google” wake word. You can also create reminders for your roommate to get the groceries or pay the bill. The feature will start appearing on Android phones and Smart Displays in U.S, U.K, and Australia. It is also expected to work with Google Nest Hub Max once it is announced.

In order to assign a reminder, you need to say “Hey Google, remind Greg to take out the trash at 8 pm.” Greg will receive the notification on Smart Display, Google Home Speaker and phone. Meanwhile, you can check out the reminders sent to a particular person by saying “Hey Google, what are my reminders for Greg?.”

As explained earlier this feature is restricted for people in your Google Family group. The company feels the reminder feature will also be used to motivate other members of the family or collaborate better.

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