LG finally launches its bootloader unlock tool; Only supports the G4 for now

BY Rajesh Pandey

Published 2 Jun 2015


Nearly a year ago, one of LG’s executive mentioned in a support email that the company is working on a bootloader unlock tool for the G3. Today, without much fanfare or any kind of official announcement, LG has finally released its web-based bootloader unlock tool to its customers.

However, the tool only supports the G4, and not the G3 for now. LG states on its website that the tool is intended only for developers, and that starting from 2015, the company will allow customers “to unlock the bootloader for certain” LG smartphones.

The terms and conditions of bootloader unlock are pretty much similar as those from HTC, Google or any other OEM. This means that once the bootloader of the device is unlocked, the handset will no longer be eligible for warranty claims from LG. Plus, LG will also be not responsible for any loss of data or other kind of damage that might occur because of installing any kind of modified software on the handset.

Right now, the bootloader unlock tool from LG only supports the European variant of the G4 (H815). The company, however, does mention on the page that it will add support for more handsets “progressively”.

So, if you own a LG G4, live in Europe and cannot wait to tinker around with the handset, head over to LG’s Developer site to get started.

LG Bootloader Unlock Tool

[Via AndroidPolice]