New Leaked Video Shows LG Wing’s T-Shaped Swivelling Display in Action

BY Mahit Huilgol

Published 7 Sep 2020

LG is scheduled to launch the “LG Wing” on September 14th. The latest from LG is an outlandish smartphone featuring a display that swivels into T-Shape. Now a new video showing off LG’s Wing phone in action has surfaced. The video is only 8-seconds, but still, it’s long enough to give us an idea of what to expect from the LG Wing.

The video shows off a device that is set in a T-shaped form with the top screen in a horizontal position. Meanwhile, the vertical screen size is shrunk, and the horizontal display blocks the top half of the screen. That apart, the LG Wing looks pretty similar to a standard smartphone.

Things start getting interesting as Android adopts to T-Shaped form factor. The orientation changes quickly, and so does the entire user interface. The person in the video closes the top display by snapping it. In this configuration, the LG Wing looks indistinguishable from a traditional smartphone. It is impressive to see how the settings and notifications quickly adapt to change in orientation.

LG is expected to launch the LG Wing next week as part of the Explorer Project. In an earlier leak, we have seen the usefulness of dual display when the device is mounted on the car. The leaked video shows how one display is used for navigation while you can control music over the other one. Yet another clip showed how one could use the dual-display while gaming.

The series of leaked LG Wing video clips has not helped us realize the actual utility of the T-shaped configuration and dual display. Companies like Samsung and Motorola seem to be working hard on their foldable smartphones, while Microsoft is here with a dual-display smartphone. It is good to see smartphone manufacturers coming up with designs that can potentially change the way we use our smartphone.